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Love on the Air

IMDb 7 84 min
Sonia Mayerick and Nick Linden both host what Sonia's sports agent fiancé Scott Ryder classifies as "bitter" radio talk shows, Sonia who rails against women giving up their own identities for men, and Nick who rails against men subjugating themselves in relationships and marriage. In reality, Nick is a lonely man, his views on relationships and marriage based on what only those closest to him know about. Neither Sonia or Nick has the perfect professional situation: Sonia, who works for a smaller station in Evanston, wants to be in the big Chicago market, and Nick, who does work for WCV in Chicago, wants out of nighttime to a morning show. It isn't until Sonia gets a temporary substitute gig at WCV, when Scott breaks up with her (in a most inopportune way, he, unknown to Sonia, using a quote he heard on Nick's show to do so), and Sonia barges in on Nick's show in an on air rant, that Sonia and Nick somewhat get what they want: a morning show at WCV. The problem as they see it?: it is a single show they would co-host, as while the audience enjoys listening to the verbal barbs they throw at each other, Nick and Sonia don't really want to work with who each considers the enemy. Their animosity masks what was an initial attraction between the two before they knew who the other was and what their outward views on relationships are. But as they begin working together, Nick believes he knows how Sonia can get Scott back, the plan to which she agrees. As they work through the machinations of getting Scott back as Sonia's fiancé, Sonia has to decide if that's what she wants, especially as she is able to dig a little under the surface of Nick where she finds someone to who she is truly attracted. Problems are Amanda Lazaro, a fellow talk show host at WCV who has her sights on Nick, and Nick and Sonia maintaining those walls on which they've built their professional lives.
Comedy, Romance
Alison Sweeney, Jonathan Scarfe, David Lewis, Nicole Oliver, Vincent Gale, Crystal Balint, Darla Taylor, Jason Edward Coleman
Kristoffer Tabori
7.3 / 48 times
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